Financial freedom realised

DuePoint understands the unique pressures and financial needs facing South African families today. Our foundation principle is to ensure that South Africans get the protection they need, reduce or eliminate their household debt and offer them the financial training they need to build a successful channel with DuePoint changing their lives forever.

Build an income

Building an income with DuePoint is simple but far reaching. As you share the DuePoint system with your peers, colleagues, family and friends you commence the construction of your very own channel. As people engage with DuePoint, through your efforts, we set them on a path to financial freedom by introducing them to our investment, insurance and lifestyle products.

This is not sales

As Wealth Engineers of DuePoint you are not involved in the sale of our products and you are not a financial advisor or intermediary for DuePoint. Your only focus is the development of your channel and the pursuit of your own financial freedom.

Build a successful channel

The DuePoint system allows you to build a channel leveraging your natural spheres of influence, facilitating the duplication of your own time and effort in creating a persistent monthly income for yourself. As a result, your earning potential is unlimited, dependent only on the amount of time, effort and thought you apply to your channel.

DuePoint introduces your channel to our portfolio of investment, insurance and lifestyle products. Every time a member of your channel pays their monthly premium or subscription, you earn a return.

Like everything in life of real worth, building a successful channel with DuePoint requires time, effort and thought. This is not a "Get Rich Quick" scheme or any other type of scheme. Only those who commit to the task of building their channels over time will reap the rewards that are available through DuePoint.