What it takes to be a successful Entrepreneur?

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  Have you ever wondered what it takes to be an entrepreneur? There are two questions to speak to about entrepreneurship: “I have a business idea. How do I get started?” “What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?” Both questions really stem from the same thought: “I want to be a successful business owner, [...]

The Golden Rules of Wealth Creation Part 3

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  Part 3: Protect What You Have The biggest wealth creation mistake made amongst the poor is that they almost never protect what they have. What is the point of earning extra money if you don’t protect it? There is much written about how this is linked to a general mental state of despondence with the [...]

The Golden Rules of Wealth Creation Part 2

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  Part 2: Spend Less Than You Earn Before you can earn extra money and create wealth, you need to know how to protect your income. The 20th Century saw the advent of commercialism. With commercialism a whole new culture was born across the globe. A culture of spending. This culture of spending led to the [...]

The Golden Rules of Wealth Creation

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Part 1: Make Money From Multiple Sources Before you can make money or create an income, you need to understand income. For most of us, we have been taught that the only sure way of making money is by getting a job and building a career. Anything that does not sound like a job is immediately [...]

What options are there for earning extra income from home?

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Why are so many people on the lookout to earn extra income? It’s a sad reality in the 21st century that traditional jobs and careers no longer cater to the dreams, aspirations and even livelihoods of the average person. This phenomenon is no longer country-specific, across the globe the traditional format of the industrial revolution: “get [...]

What to look out for regarding new business opportunities?

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Where there is recession, depression or oppression there is always opportunity. This is why we see so many new businesses, opportunities, ventures, schemes and scams flooding into South Africa every year. New favourable circumstances to do business or “business opportunities” are the commodity of choice for anyone who recognises the absolutely dire financial situation of the [...]

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