Important: The information on this website does not take into account the personal, financial or other circumstances, needs, objectives or requirements of its visitors. All information provided is of a factual and general nature only and cannot be construed as the provision of advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 ("FAIS").

DuePoint a division of Constantia Insurance Company Ltd (“DuePoint”) is a company incorporated in terms of the laws of South Africa under registration number: 1952/001514/06. Constantia Insurance Company Ltd is registered as a Financial Services Provider with the Financial Services Board under FSP number 31111. Constantia Insurance Company Ltd is a category 1 FSP and is authorised to conduct services relating to the supply of short term insurance (personal and commercial lines) and long term insurance (category B) products.
As a registered Financial Services Provider, DuePoint a division of Constantia Insurance Company Ltd is committed to providing its clients with a service of the highest professional and ethical standards. As required by FAIS and in order to facilitate an efficient system by which our clients can communicate with us, DuePoint subscribes to the following complaints policy and procedure:

Policy Principles

DuePoint is committed to an internal complaint resolution system and procedures based on the following underlying policy principles:

  • Fairness by ensuring that resolution of a complaint will be effected in a manner which is fair to both the client and DuePoint
  • Transparency and visibility ensuring that clients have full knowledge of the procedures for resolution of their complaints
  • Adequate training of all relevant staff including imparting and ensuring full knowledge of the provisions of the legislation with regard to the resolution of complaints
  • Ease of accessibility to complaints mechanisms through the provision of multiple mechanisms at DuePoint's business premises, and through the postal system,  telephone and /or electronic means
  • Appropriate maintenance of and commitment to an efficient internal complaint resolution system with adequate resources

Procedure for lodging a Complaint:

  • Any client who wishes to lodge a complaint against DuePoint or any of its employees should first lodge such complaint with DuePoint in writing
  • Transparency and visibility ensuring that clients have full knowledge of the procedures for resolution of their complaints
  • The complaint should provide full details of the circumstances and events to which the complaint relates and be accompanied by supporting documentation
  • All complaints will be entered into a formal complaints register
  • Non-routine serious complaints will be handled by appropriately senior staff with adequate expertise, training and experience to resolve the matter expeditiously
  • All complaints should be addressed to:
    FSP name:
    DuePoint a division of Constantia Insurance Company Ltd
    Postal address:
    Postnet Suite 441, Private Bag X51, Bryanston, JHB, 2021
    Email address:
    For the attention of:
    Compliance Department
  • DuePoint will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 7 days of receipt of the complaint
  • DuePoint will endeavor to investigate and respond promptly to any complaint
  • DuePoint will notify the complainant in writing of the outcome of the resolution of the complaint within 6 weeks of receipt of the complaint
  • Where the complaint is resolved in the favour of the client, a full and appropriate level of redress will be offered to the client without delay.
  • If an outcome is not favourable to the complainant, full written reasons will be furnished.
  • Should the complaint not be resolved to the complainant's satisfaction within 6 weeks of lodging such complaint, the complainant may lodge the complaint with the Office of the Ombud of Financial Services Providers within 6 months of receiving notification from DuePoint regarding the resolution/dismissal of the complaint in terms of the above.
  • Contact details of the FAIS Ombud:

    The FAIS Ombud (Noluntu Bam)
    Postal address:
    P.O. Box 74571, Lynnwood Ridge, 0040
    Tel no:
    012 470 9080/99
    012 348 3447
  • The Ombud will generally decline to investigate a complaint if a period of more than 3 years has passed since the act, omission or event which resulted in the complaint.
  • The Ombud will generally decline to investigate a complaint if proceedings have been instituted by the complainant in any court relating to the complaint.
  • The Ombud may decline to investigate a complaint if there are reasonable grounds to believe that a more appropriate dispute resolution process is available.
  • Should the complainant not lodge the complaint with the Ombud, the complainant may pursue any other avenue of law which is available to it.

Particulars of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance who is available to advise you in the event of claim problems that are not satisfactorily resolved by DuePoint:

Contact details of the OSTI:

Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance
Postal address:
P.O. Box 32334, Braamfontein, 2017
011 726 8900 or 0860 726 890
011 726 5501

  • DuePoint will arrange for its Compliance Officer to inspect the complaints register from time to time and monitor effective complaint resolution and compliance with the above complaints process.
  • All complaints will be followed-up at an operational level to ensure avoidance of similar occurrences that might give rise to complaints and to improve services, systems and procedures where necessary.
  • Complaints records will be maintained for a minimum period of 5 years together with an indication of whether or not such complaint was resolved and all cases of non-compliance with the legislation and the reasons for such non-compliance.