With DuePoint you can purchase airtime and data for preferential rates through our Cell C provider SNB Connect. Simply purchase a Starter SIM Card Pack and then top up your air time and data all through the DuePoint App. Anytime, anywhere!


  • 10% off all air time and data purchased
  • Easy and instant access to airtime and data through the DuePoint App.
  • Starter SIM Card Pack delivered to your door any where in the nation for no additional cost.
  • Starter pack includes:
    • Unique SIM Card;
    • R100 of airtime and;
    • 1GB of data
  • No more airtime and data inconveniences. Anytime, anywhere with the DuePoint App. and Cell C.


DuePoint takes no responsibility for any starter pack, airtime or data purchased through SNB Connect and Cell C. All related queries must be addressed directly to SNB Connect using support@snbconnect.co.za

While the purchase of airtime and/or data will be charged to your phone instantly the Starter SIM Card Pack may take up to 5 working days to be delivered to your door depending on where you live.