Oxygenate chambers operate without too much effort. Here is some information to explain how the medium Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber works:

Oxygenate’s oxygen concentrator provides +- 90% oxygenated air depending on flow rate. This ensures that optimum levels of oxygen reach the cells and tissues. Oxygen keeps us alive. If we are able to raise the amount of oxygen we have available in the body to optimum levels, we create an environment primed for health and healing. Oxygen therapy assists with Oxygen Saturation in blood & cells, Increased cerebral blood flow, Collagen Synthesis, Stem Cell increase, Improved Immunity and Reduced Pain. Each chronic illness has its own difficulties and treatment protocol. Oxygen therapy serves to aid various therapies in their quest to cure or treat various illnesses. Injuries are a part of life that stops us from doing the things we love. Speeding up recovery in a safe way and ensuring our bodies rebuild as best they can is important. Oxygen heals!


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