"Reward yourself first"
Change today, reward yourself first.


"Reward yourself first"
Change today, reward yourself first.

In South Africa today, most people are having to abandon their dreams and adjust their goals to fit a smaller reality than the one they had wished for. We’ve all learnt to settle for less. At DuePoint we are focused on bringing hope back to all South Africans by showing them that they can still realise their dreams, no matter how big.

For the majority of us, saving is virtually impossible. As the need for a home, cars and credit cards take over our financial capability, we are seldom left with the opportunity to put anything aside for ourselves and our futures. We have created a brand new product to solve this very problem: AccessWealth - "Reward yourself first".

Your AccessWealth Plan is made up of two independent products: A tax Free Investment and a Personal Accident Policy. The Plan allows you to place a portion of your monthly income into a GFA/Sanlam investment account. There are no set investment periods in this product which means you can place as little as R100 into this account and can withdraw at any time without delay or penalty. It also includes R110 000.00 worth of personal accident cover.

DuePoint has created an opportunity for South Africans to pay themselves first.

1. Tax-free investment


2. Personal accident policy


Two independent elements

1. Tax-free investment account

Investment allocation (GFA/Sanlam) R100
Return Plan specific
Fund Manager Plan specific

2. Personal Accident Policy

Insurance Policy premium R199
Personal accident policy R110 000 immediate accidental death cover. Terms and conditions apply.
Notice Period None
Annual escalation 10%
Personal accident policy insurer Constantia Insurance Company Limited
FSP No. 31111
Total R299