"Reward yourself first"


"Reward yourself first"

Rewarding yourself first also includes ensuring you have a remembered and dignified parting from this life. Through the DuePoint system and its other products you will have created a legacy of wealth for your family and loved ones. However, with DuePoint’s Family Wealth Funeral Plan, you now create a legacy for your parting. With the choice of different levels of funeral cover, you are able to ensure that the costs of your funeral are appropriately covered. This unique cover can be taken as an individual or as a family and includes up to 15 other family members depending on the cover you choose and this ensures that even when other members of your family pass away you are not “out of pocket” financially.

However, DuePoint’s FamilyWealth Funeral Plan is not just about funeral expenses it’s also about living expenses. For FamilyWealth product owners who hold this product for fifteen months or more, will also enjoy R10,000 worth of Outstanding Debt cover. Outstanding Debt cover settles any assigned debts you may have up to R10,000 at the time you get retrenched, disabled or pass away. This is an extremely powerful tool in bringing financial peace to not only you but your family too who would otherwise have had to pick up the repayment responsibility of your debts if something were to happen to you.

DuePoint’s FamilyWealth Funeral Plan has a fixed monthly premium for all customers no matter their age and does not exclude anyone based on their medical condition. Allowing everyone to apply between the ages of 18 and 69 years of age with no medical examinations or declarations and after just a 6 month waiting period. Once again DuePoint has created a product for every South African and placed every South African in a position to change the financial realty of themselves, their family and others.

In addition, DuePoint's FamilyWealth Funeral Plan guarantees you full access to the DuePoint system, people, returns and rewards, allowing you to start building your channel and earnings with no extra fees or costs ever!

Payment PlanStarts at R299
BenefitsFuneral Cover starts at R20 000 per member
Outstanding Debt Cover up to a maximum of R10,000
Whole life cover
Family MembersMax 15 members (Selected option dependent)
RequirementsNo medical examinations required
Entry from 18 to 69 years of age
Annual escalation10%
InsurerConstantia Life and Health Assurance Company Ltd
FSPFSP Number 49986