Heritage Life

"Reward yourself first"

Heritage Life

"Reward yourself first"

“Wealth creation rule #3: Protect what you have”. DuePoint’s Heritage Life product allows you to ensure that your family are protected from financial ruin when you pass away too soon or wish to leave behind financial security for your loved ones when you ultimately pass on. Based on your specific circumstances, varying levels of cover are made available to you. As a result of the custom calculated cover available within the HeritageLife product you are able to increase your cover as you improve your financial circumstances with the DuePoint Wealth Creation Tool. This means that as your financial capability increases so does your ability to protect and reward your family with this product. It’s the compounding effect of wealth creation offered to you by DuePoint and speaks to the very essence of DuePoint.

There are no medical examinations and anyone between 18 and 65 years of age can apply. In addition, DuePoint's HeritageLife guarantees you full access to the DuePoint system, people, returns and rewards, allowing you to start building your channel and earnings with no extra fees or costs ever!

Insurance PremiumFrom R220.25 per month
(Risk profile dependent)(28 year old female non-smoker)
BenefitDeath and terminal Illness cover.
Terms & conditions apply.
Requirements No medical examinations required.
Pre-existing conditions excluded.
Only 18 - 65 years of age. Whole life cover.
Annual escalationCalculated annually
InsurerSantam Structured Life Limited
FSP number: 1026
AdministratorDuePoint Network Consultants (Pty) Ltd
FSP number: 50318