"Reward yourself first"


"Reward yourself first"

With the high rates of inflation in South Africa today, more and more people are driving second hand vehicles that no longer enjoy the cover of their motorplans. This puts the risk and cost of mechanical breakdown in the hands of South Africans who are already struggling in our currently desperate economic situation. DuePoint’s MotoMedic mechanical warranty ensures that you are not out-of-pocket and without your vehicle when mechanical breakdown occurs. Administered by one of the leading mechanical warranty administrators in the country today, InsureAfrica, MotoMedic covers an extensive range of parts and services all designed to make motoring more pleasant for vehicles and their owners of any age.

Offering the choice of 3 levels of cover for your vehicles parts, you can upgrade your warranty at any time without delay or waiting period. Vehicles that are eligible for the MotoMedic warranty include passenger, 4 x 4 and light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3 600 kg. With no waiting periods and an excess that only applies for the first 90 days, MotoMedic is designed to cover your vehicle from your very first payment!

Beyond the extensive list of parts covered by the warranty, MotoMedic also offers an Instalment Protection Plan where there are delays to the repair of your vehicle and cover for Insurance Excess payments where these cannot be recovered through your other insurance policies. Naturally all these benefits come with certain terms and conditions. So make sure you read them below and watch the review video on this product.

Most importantly though and in addition to all the above, the MotoMedic product guarantees you full access to the DuePoint system, people, returns and rewards, allowing you to start building your channel and earnings with no extra fees or costs ever!

COST per selected option
LTER265 per month
SelectR385 per month
ExecutiveR485 per month
BenefitMechanical Warranty
Requirements Road Worthy and Licenced Vehicle
Vehicles of any age
Vehicles with a GVM of less than 3,6 tons
Taxi’s and Transfer/Tour vehicles excluded
ExcessApplicable for first 90 days only
ProviderInsureAfrica Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd
InsurerConstantia Insurance Company Ltd
FSPFSP Number 31111