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Our innovative wealth creation system allows any South African to create a sustainable, monthly income. Taking back control of their financial future!

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What is a
Wealth Engineer?

A Wealth Engineer connects other South Africans to DuePoint and earns from their connections every single month without needing to sell any insurance products.

Why be a
Wealth Engineer?

Our Wealth Engineers can create their own asset-based income with our wealth creation platform and also enjoy valuable Daily Benefits, a world-class rewards programme and in-depth guidance and training.


How do I become a Wealth Engineer?

Within a few weeks, or even days, you could be earning an asset-based income.

Become a Wealth Engineer with these 4 easy steps:

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    Register Now

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    Get the App

    Download the DuePoint app on your smartphone.

  • 3.

    Wealth Education

    Discover how to create asset-based recurring income through DuePoint's personal development platform.

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    Start Earning

    All it takes is three paid connections and you start earning!

The DuePoint Difference.

DuePoint understands the unique pressures and financial needs facing South African families today. Our foundation principle is to ensure that South Africans get the protection they need, reduce or eliminate their household debt and offer them the financial training they need to build an asset with DuePoint changing their lives forever.

How we have impacted the lives of our Wealth Engineers.

“There’s no selling involved”

Faruk, an entrepreneur and avid skateboarder from Cape Town, was looking for an opportunity where he could work from home, part-time, and dictate his own working hours.
Faruk Simon, Cape Town

“There’s no selling involved”

“Duepoint changed my life.”

Linnette and Frikkie Badenhorst went from craft markets to DuePoint superstars. They now earn more in a single month with DuePoint than they did in an entire year with their previous business.
Linnette Badenhorst, Vanderbijlpark

“Duepoint changed my life.”

“A truly inheritable business.”

Wilna Fourie inherited her DuePoint business from her late husband, Mike, who had built his channel and recurring income over a four-year period. Wilna today enjoys that same recurring income every month.
Wilna Fourie, Germiston

“A truly inheritable business.”


For only R249 per month, you can create a different financial future.

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