Enjoy access to
private healthcare.

Get the medical protection you need with Primary Healthcare insurance, Accidental Hospitalisation and Emergency Care for only R669 per month.

Quality healthcare at an affordable price.

Primary healthcare creates a healthier society and advances our development. This aspiration aligns with DuePoint’s desire to see every South African live a prosperous life.

Accidental Death Benefit.

Get the financial assistance you need and receive up to R25,000 accidental death benefit to assist with funeral arrangements.

Wellness Programme.

Health screenings and vaccination programmes are available at approved pharmacies. Pap smears and PSA screening are also available.

How MediGuard is keeping our customers healthy.

“Never paid a single cent”

“We’ve been using MediGuard since it was launched. Unlimited doctors visits, medication and tests covered. We never paid a single cent so far for all consultations, medicines and tests. Our whole family have consulted not once but several times at no cost. Best product! Big up to DuePoint and its partners.”
Patrick & Phume Luthuli, Johannesburg

“Never paid a single cent”

“I was very satisfied with the quality”

“I have medical aid with another company, but they do not pay for things like doctors and dentist visits, which is why I also got MediGuard so that I had a more comprehensive solution.
I recently needed to go to the dentist and went onto the Unity Health website to find a dentist in my area. I was very surprised to see how many options there were in my area.
I went for the appointment and was very satisfied with the quality of the service that I received, and that I did not have to pay anything out of my own pocket.”
Beverley Wharton-Hood, Randpark Ridge

“I was very satisfied with the quality”

“It was paid shortly after”

“I got the MediGuard product. I had to go for a blood test and it reflected quickly as a claim on my Unity Health app and also was paid shortly after that.”
Gwen Janse van Rensburg, Boksburg

“It was paid shortly after”

“It did not cost me a cent”

“I had an abscess on my back. From past experience with previous medical aids, I always had to pay a substantial amount. I went to our MediGuard doctor. He did the procedure in his consulting rooms and provided me with painkillers and antibiotics. The best part is: it did not cost me a cent!”
Marcia Faurie, Alberton

“It did not cost me a cent”


Answers to your questions on DuePoint can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

What are the waiting periods on MediGuard?

The waiting periods range as follows:

  • Cover for accidental hospitalisation after the first payment
  • Cover for primary health care after 2 months
  • Cover for pre-birth maternity 9 months
  • Cover for chronic medication and optometry for 12 months
Is MediGuard a medical aid?

No, MediGuard is a primary health care product. It does not include hospitalisation from illness or elective surgeries.

What is primary healthcare?

Primary healthcare includes all your day-to-day medical requirements e.g. GP’s, nurses, pharmacies, optometrists etc. It does not ordinarily include hospitalisation or specialists. However, MediGuard does include hospitalisation as a result of accident and a few specialists. See the policy document for full details.

Does hospitalisation take place at a government or private hospital?

All treatments that fall within the scope of this product occur at private hospitals.

Is COVID-19 covered by this product?

Yes. The testing, doctors consultation and treatment are covered within the limitations of this product. Read the full policy document for these limits.

Where can I find a list of the primary healthcare practitioners within Unity Health’s network?

Call 0861 366 006, ask for “Networks” and then request a list of practitioners within your area.

Is there a maximum age that I or my dependents can join the MediGuard product?

No. People of all ages can join and remain under cover for their whole life. An additional premium will however be charged where members or dependents are over the age of 55.

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