The perfect partner
for vehicle owners.

Seven benefits in one product – giving ultimate peace of mind for South African vehicle owners for only R269 per month.

Seven benefits in a single product.

AutoGuru affords South African drivers peace of mind with the ultimate collection of services for vehicle owners.

All the help any driver could want.

Get all the assistance you need to claim from the Road Accident Fund, manage licenses and fines and even receive bail to the value of R4,000 annually.

Dent & scratch

Minor scrapes and scuffs are inevitable but AutoGuru will ensure your vehicle looks like it has just rolled off the showroom floor.

How Autoguru makes life on the road a breeze.

“Fully remunerated”

“Autoguru fully remunerated a tyre that was damaged due to road conditions”
Hendrik du Plessis

“Fully remunerated”


Answers to your questions on AutoGuru can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

No, AutoGuru is a non-insurance product.

Yes, motorcycles (road only) are included. Off-road motorbikes are however, not included.

The waiting period is two payments. The moment your second payment is made successfully you have access to all benefits.

No, only one vehicle per AutoGuru product.

The AutoGuru product is linked to your listed vehicle. As a result, only direct family members, nominated drivers and you may use the services of this product.

AutoGuru will contact you via SMS or email.

Not presently.

No. AutoGuru will facilitate the process but all costs will be for your account as well as the cost of having the license disc couriered to you.

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