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DuePoint’s primary objective is to offer all South Africans a genuine and affordable opportunity to build a real income for themselves.

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Creating generational wealth and financial peace of mind.

DuePoint is a South African founded business. Built by South Africans for South Africans, we understand the unique circumstances we find ourselves in and our goal is to provide financial freedom within these circumstances. With our innovative wealth creation system and intelligent products and services, we believe we are doing just that, each and every day.

Meet the team behind DuePoint.

The DuePoint Name

“Chaos was the law of nature. Order is the dream of man.” - Henry Adams

DuePoint's name embodies our objective and vision to create:

A genuinely emancipating system for those who wish for direction and ultimate financial freedom.

A system of such immaculate detail, context and applicability that every South African would be proud to be part of it.

Products and Plans that offer real value without impediment, restriction or unrealistic cost.

An idea whose time is past due for South Africans.


Convergence Realised.

To represent these ideals, the DuePoint team realised they were trying to converge four very separate objectives into one. A marriage of chaos into order. A convergence of hope, destiny and opportunity for its members.

The concept of “Chaos to Order” or “Convergence” is evident everywhere in nature and therefore evident in our lives.

Represented by the natural term “Dew Point”, water molecules in the air condense in the cool of the early morning into water droplets as the Dew Point temperature is reached. Chaotically blown and moved about without order or pattern while up in the air, molecules are at a certain point brought to order in the form of priceless, life-giving water.

In the same vein, we find chaos brought to order in the calming effect of the stabilisation of direction. The saying: “Finding one’s true North” means that moment when you know you have found your purpose, direction, standards and goals. Spoken in directional terms, the same is reflected in the phrases: “Due North, Due East, Due South and Due West. Purpose and direction found.

All of this comes together at a time almost past due in the lives of many, and hence: DuePoint

It is the hope and unfeigned desire of DuePoint that South Africans of all walks of life will find purpose and direction with our unique products, plans and systems, and ultimately earn their freedom.

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