Peace of mind with our accidental death cover.

We know that life happens quickly. That is why we offer you R1,000,000 worth of accidental death cover for only R289 per month.

Cover that is affordable & simple:

Immediate Cover.

It only takes 5 minutes to apply. Approval is immediate and after paying your first premium, the accidental death cover is immediate too.

No Medical Exams.

Your application is processed immediately. No medical examinations or declarations needed and you don’t have to worry about any pre-existing medical conditions.

How WealthGuard is protecting our customers.

“Insurance is most appreciated when it’s needed”

“DuePoint’s WealthGuard policy has permanently changed the life of a young man who was orphaned when his mom passed away in a motor car accident in January 2019. The WealthGuard payout of over a R1million at the time, set up a trust for him that not only allowed him to complete his education but has given him a kickstart in life that few children get from their parents. While he enjoys a monthly income from the investment formed with the WealthGuard payout, he will also gain access to this investment when he turns 25.”
Andrew Fussell, Group Managing Director, Fussell & Associates (Estate Executor)

“Insurance is most appreciated when it’s needed”


Answers to your questions on DuePoint can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

What is "personal accident cover"?

Personal accident cover pays your nominated beneficiaries only in the event of you passing away from an accident. Death via natural causes or illness is not covered by this specific cover.

What is the waiting period?

There is no waiting period at all, after your first payment you are under cover.

Are Security Officers covered?

Yes. While both on and off duty!

Are motorcyclists covered?

Yes. While driving their motorbike on a public road. A public road being a road regularly maintained by a local and or national government.

Is there a maximum age limit?

No. Anyone over the age of 18 can take the product and there is no termination age on the policy i.e. you will be covered until the day you die, no matter your age.

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