Tax-free investment plus accidental death cover.

Receive R125,000 personal accidental death cover and a tax-free investment that grows by R100 every month – all for only R349 monthly.

Invest and start building.

Tax-Free Investment

Invest up to R500,000 and enjoy lifelong tax-free growth.

Accidental Death Cover

Personal accident cover from Santam Structured Life Limited ensures your beneficiaries are financially protected when they need it most.

How AccessWealth is helping our clients build wealth.

“It gives me peace of mind”

“I personally didn’t have any investments and this was a wonderful opportunity for me to start investing with an amount that I could afford! The accidental death cover of R125,000 is also a great benefit, as it gives me peace of mind that if something were to happen to me prematurely, then my children will also benefit!”
Theresa Lillis, Gqeberha

“It gives me peace of mind”

“I love AccessWealth the most”

“I use more than two products at DuePoint. The one I love the most is AccessWealth. When I need cash I can withdraw easily from my AccessWealth tax-free investment without any delay. I love being a DuePoint member!”
Zacheus Ntimane, Malalane

“I love AccessWealth the most”

“AccessWealth is absolutely amazing”

“AccessWealth is absolutely an amazing product. I am putting all my spare cash into it every month so this Tax-Free investment can grow as fast as possible. I can use it if I really need it, but my main purpose is to build a lasting asset.”
Linnette Badenhorst, Vanderbijlpark

“AccessWealth is absolutely amazing”


Answers to your questions on DuePoint can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

What is "personal accident cover"?

Personal accident cover pays your nominated beneficiaries only in the event of you passing away from an accident. Death via natural causes or illness is not covered by this specific cover.

Is the tax-free investment account (“TFIA”) a savings or bank account?

No. The TFIA is not a savings or bank account, it is in fact an investment in unit trusts within a tax-free investment structure.

Can I increase my monthly investment allocation and if so, how often can I change it?

Yes, you’re free to adjust your investment contribution between R100 and R2,500 per month.  You can adjust this contribution from within your DuePoint app as often as you want with no risk of fees or penalties being applied.

What is the breakdown of the monthly payment?

Your payment is broken up into 3 components:

  • Your TFIA allocation
  • The risk premium for personal accident cover
  • Administrative and distribution costs of the product
Are Security Officers covered by the personal accident portion of AccessWealth?

Yes. While both on and off duty!

Are motorcyclists covered by the personal accident portion of AccessWealth?

Yes. While driving their motorbike on a public road.

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