No vehicle warranty?
No problem.

Our vehicle mechanical warranties ensure that you are not out of pocket or without a vehicle after a breakdown and provides cover for a wide range of parts and services from only R279 per month.

Motoring that gives you peace of mind.

Component Breakdown

Over 30 components are included from the engine, gearbox and differential.

Insurance Excess Payment

In the event of your vehicle being written off, you may be reimbursed accordingly.

Instalment Protection

A portion of an instalment may be given back according to the repair duration.

How MotoMedic makes motoring easier for our customers.

“I have peace of mind”

“I am alone on the road a lot and with MotoMedic I have peace of mind that if my vehicle should break down it will be fixed. Our previous vehicle cost us a lot of money because it was older than 15 years and nobody could give us a mechanical warranty. Nobody needs a mechanical warranty UNTIL they need to pay R45 000 cash for something like a gearbox.”
Yolandie Du Toit, Ermelo

“I have peace of mind”


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Look at the frequently asked questions below.

What is a mechanical warranty?

A mechanical warranty is a reimbursement cover for mechanical and electrical components within your car that fail outside of the normal course of wear and tear.

Are there any waiting periods?

Immediately after your first payment where your vehicle is licenced, roadworthy and has a full service history.

If not, you have 90 days to remedy the above and then you will come under cover if your payment history is up to date.

Read the policy document for full details.

What vehicles can be covered?
  • Passenger vehicles
  • 4×4’s
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of less than 3,6 tons
Which vehicle components are covered?

Over 30 components are covered under the MotoMedic product. Refer to the policy document for the tables of these components and how much is reimbursed for their failure based on your selected cover option.

Are business-related vehicles covered?

Yes, as long as they fall within the other limitations of the policy e.g. a gross vehicle mass of less than 3,6 tons and not for fare-paying passengers i.e. taxis, transfer or hire vehicles.

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