Life insurance is vital to your family’s future.

HeritageLife provides peace of mind by ensuring you leave behind the financial support your family needs – from as little as R220 per month*.
*Risk profile dependent

Lifelong coverage that goes beyond.

Terminal Illness Benefit.

Should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness, we will ensure your benefit is paid out fully.

Premium Reimbursement.

If you happen to pass away during the waiting period, your premiums will be reimbursed to your beneficiaries.

How HeritageLife has impacted the lives of our customers.

“I could not believe it”

“Insurance has always been a top priority for myself and Roelof. Just knowing that we have peace of mind if one of us had to pass away and that the other would be provided for, is of paramount importance for us. I got a quote for HeritageLife and could not believe it, when as a healthy 60-year-old woman, my premium amounted to just under R800 for R2,000 000 cover. This is a savings of over R1,000 for DOUBLE the cover that I previously paid for.”
Marcia Faurie, Alberton

“I could not believe it”


Answers to your questions on DuePoint can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

Is this Life Insurance?

Yes. It covers you for death from accidental and illness-related causes.

How long does the product cover me for?

This is whole life cover. As long as you continue to pay your monthly premium, it will cover you until the day you die, no matter your final age.

Does this product cover me for death from illness and natural causes?

Yes. It covers you for death from accidental and illness-related causes.

What is the waiting period for this product?
  • Immediate cover after your first payment for death from accidental causes.
  • Cover for death from illness and natural causes after 6 months.
  • Terminal illness benefits after 12 months.
Are there any medical examinations?

There are no medical examinations. However, as part of the product application, you will need to answer some medical questions.

What are the terminal illness benefits?

If you are diagnosed as having a terminal illness and the doctors are convinced you will not survive a year, the benefit that would have been paid to your beneficiaries on your death will be paid to you, to be utilized to pay for your medical bills and final costs before you pass away.

Once the benefit is paid to you, no further benefit will be paid to your beneficiaries after your death.

Does this product cover me for my pre-existing conditions?

No. No pre-existing conditions are covered by this product.

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