AutoGuru Frequently asked questions.

This is a collection of the questions that we are asked about the most. See if any of the information you require is here.

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Motoring convenience for South African vehicles owners.

How do I contact AutoGuru to use their services?

Open your DuePoint App, select the “Menu” button and open “My Products”. Select “AutoGuru” and you will see two dial buttons. The first for Dent and Scratch Repairs and the second for all the other services AutoGuru offer. These buttons will turn green and will become usable once you have made your second consecutive payment.

With regards to Dent and Scratches, is there any limitation to the size of the dent that can be repaired?

There is no limitation to the size of the dent that can be repaired. However, only repairs up to R6000 will be entertained (R3000, twice per annum, with a 6 month waiting period in between each incident).

Are pre-existing dents, scratches and damaged windscreens included?

No, only dents, scratches and damage to your windscreen that occurs after your first payment is included in this service.

Will AutoGuru replace windscreens?

No, AutoGuru only repairs windscreens that can be repaired.

Will AutoGuru’s mobile unit come to my home in a rural area?

AutoGuru will always attempt to reach you. Only the furthest regions of SA are not serviced. Contact AutoGuru and they will advise you.

Do I need to supply a roadworthy certificate to take out AutoGuru?

No, just maintain the vehicle in terms of the reasonable requirements of the vehicle.

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