Legal advice is always just a phone call away.

All things legal: Advice, support, letters, contracts, litigation discounts and more. Included for all our DuePoint Wealth Engineers.

By joining DuePoint, you get to enjoy access to our everyday legal services.


Consultations and discounts are available for litigation.

Road Accident Fund

Administration of claims.

Bail Assistance

Bail assistance of up to R5,000 per incident.

Legal Guidance

Enjoy telephonic legal support 24/7, any day of the year from wherever you are.

Letters & Contracts

Drafting of letters, standard agreements, various contracts, child maintenance and small claims kits, personal contract assessments are all part of the support you receive.

How Daily Benefits change everything for our Wealth Engineers.

“Efficient and professional”

“I used LegalAccess to confirm what my rights were with an account. Very efficient and professional service received.”
Soreta Du Plessis, Kempton Park

“Efficient and professional”

“You’re going to need a lawyer”

“I am in the process of buying a house. I sent my contract to them on a Monday and two and a half hours later on the same day I got my response back with a couple of adjustments that needed to be done to the contract. JP really got a star that day from me. You never know when you’re going to need a lawyer and a good one by the way. I think DuePoint has got the best lawyer panel ever.”
Suzette & Frikkie Lee, Marble Hall

“You’re going to need a lawyer”

“They gave me the go-ahead”

“I used LegalAccess recently as I had a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) of 16 pages that I received from a potential client that I needed to sign. I had never seen such a long NDA before and thought it best to have LegalAccess look at it and advise me. It took about 1 day and they gave me the go-ahead to sign it. I was very impressed by their service.”
Beverley Wharton-Hood, Randpark Ridge

“They gave me the go-ahead”


Answers to your questions on LegalAccess can be found here.
Look at the frequently asked questions below.

Who provides the LegalAccess service?

Legal Guardians (Pty) Ltd FSP#4353 provides the LegalAccess service to DuePoint’s Wealth Engineers.

Can I pick which lawyer I speak too?

No. This will be decided by the service provider.

Can I see the lawyer in person?

No. This is strictly a telephonic advice line. If you would like a lawyer in person, please refer to our LegalGuard product for more comprehensive services.

Do I get the R5,000 bail?

No, this is paid directly to the courts and will be refunded back to Legal Guardians where applicable.

Can LegalAccess refuse to pay my bail?

Yes. Depending on the circumstances of your incarceration, Legal Guardians can refuse to pay your bail.

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