Reliable healthcare advice Any time of the day!

Get 24/7, over-the-phone guidance on all health related issues from qualified healthcare professionals.

Free healthcare advice.

Professional Advice

Professional healthcare practitioners are waiting to assist you with emergencies, paediatric and frail care concerns, and more.

Child Care

As a parent, nothing matters more than the well-being of your child. No matter your child’s age, rest assured that you can access the best medical advice.

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“MediCall was a lifesaver”

“Medicall was a lifesaver to this stressed out mommy when my kids got sick while we were on holiday.”
Amanda Turner, Vereeniging

“MediCall was a lifesaver”

“Friendly and quick”

“I used MediCall over a weekend when I had a reaction to Vitamin B. Very friendly & quick call, calmed me and advice worked within 5 minutes!”
Soreta Du Plessis, Kempton Park

“Friendly and quick”


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