"Reward yourself first"


"Reward yourself first"

DuePoint is both proud and excited to be able to offer a best in class primary health care product in the form of Unity Health’s Primary Care + Hospital Plan Bundle (MediGuard).

In the General Household Survey of 2017, more than 85% of households required primary healthcare as their first consultation after becoming ill or injured. Unity Health’s commitment is to millions of South Africans who require access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Products focus on the essential healthcare needs of most South Africans and include a range of primary healthcare and hospitalisation benefits

Providing primary healthcare creates a healthier and more productive society and advances societal development. These aspirations align with those of DuePoint’s desire to see every South African empowered to create sustainable and lifetime wealth for themselves and their families.

Designing and pricing a simple set of primary healthcare benefits is an uncomplicated task. Delivering a real service is far more demanding. In order to make Unity Health’s product as affordable as possible they have established networks of general practitioners, optometrists, pharmacies and with some low fee service arrangements with dentists, pathologists and radiologists. Managing and expanding provider networks is an ongoing and onerous effort and as such Unity Health have dedicated significant resources to this task.

With the easy to use Unity Health app. on your phone you have healthcare at your finger tips 24 hours a day anywhere in the nation. Ranging from everyday medical expenses through to hospitalisation and emergency services, MediGuard even includes R10 000 worth of accidental death cover! Click the Product Summary button below to see everything included in this remarkable product.

In addition, the MediGuard product guarantees you full access to the DuePoint system, people, returns and rewards, allowing you to start building your channel and earnings with no extra fees or costs ever!

PAYMENT PLAN Primary Member      R585 per month
Adult Spouse/Dependent   R299
Over 55 years of age      +R179
Child              R116
Benefits Primary medical care + Hospital Plan
R10 000 Accidental Death Cover
Family Members Spouse and children for additional monthly amounts (Selected option dependent)
RequirementsEntry from 18 years of age
Waiting periods Treatment specific (Refer to the Product Summary below)
Annual EscalationRefer to Terms and Conditions below
Administrators Unity Health a division of Ambledown Financial Services (Pty) Ltd FSP No. 10287
Insurer Constantia Life and Health Assurance Company Ltd
FSPFSP Number 49986